Last year Miracle Babies asked me to take the photos for their inaugural miracle baby calendar contest. It did so well they decided to try again this year! 
I have been looking forward to this shoot since Heather asked me to donate photography again. I just love seeing all the amazing children, hearing their stories, and learning how they are connected to Miracle Babies. 
This years contest winner was a little boy named Gael who is still in the NICU - but doing great! I felt so lucky to be able to meet little Gael as NICUs are generally a locked ward. The hospital made an exception and I scrubbed in, sanitized my camera and popped in and out during little Gael's nap. 
Look at this face!! Water Wipes made sure to send along a special friend for Gael! 

The weekend before Miracle Babies arranged a whirlwind of shoots all stacked one right after another on San Diego's beautiful Mission Beach. Its hard to be exhausted when you're breathing in the salty air and taking in the sunset! We decided to take these on South Mission Beach. The location is great with parking and lots of open space. 
I think its easy to see why these photoshoots are so much fun! Look at those infectious smiles! I can't wait to see how the calendar comes out this year! 
You can add a photo and reserve a date here for $10:
You can purchase a calendar here -
Your purchases will help Miracle Babies continue to help families of critically ill infants! 
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