It has been a YEAR! After taking a couple years off to focus on my daughter I decided to hop back into my photography this year only to be blindsided by a pandemic! The beginning of January last year my Brother and his family came out to sunny San Diego to celebrate birthday month (We have a crazy amount of birthdays in one week in my family!) and to take my nephew to Disneyland! I am so glad they did because it would be our last trip for a LONG LONG time to come! We spent one morning on Coronado Beach where I snapped these photos of my adorable nephew! 
In February , we bummed around with my husbands family in Pacific Beach. They just recently had their first daughter and she is just THE CUTEST! We were very sad when they moved back to Oregon but I am glad I had the chance to snap these photos. 
Suddenly, California was locked down. As quickly as I had decided to start working - I was out of work! I'm so grateful that my husband kept his job through COVID. One morning we left our home in East San Diego to head into the dessert to make a vision I had come true! We found this perfect sand dune in imperial county to transform my 2 year old into Rey from Star Wars. We loaded the car with a land speeder and BB-8 we borrowed from friends and took these photos! 
When July rolled around I was allowed to operate my business with pre-cautions. Masks became the new norm and I traded by nifty fifty lens for a 70-120mm so I could keep my distance! A beautiful sailor was preparing to deploy and wanted to take some photos with her son before she left. The end of the day on Coronado was PERFECT for this! 
In August, I was blessed to photograph this lovely family again! Years ago, they were one of my first clients! I just love working with them. They are so synced and look at those smiles! 
It doesn't get much better than a toothy grin! 
With COVID cases on the rise we were locked in our homes again! To help pass the time - and eliminate our fly population (YIKES!) we purchases a venus fly trap! I am embarrassed to admit how much we sat and watched him work his magic! 
Stuck at home but looking for reasons to safety get out - I designed these beautiful fairytale shoots! I plan to offer them again when I can provide dresses for the princesses! With COVID I didn't feel comfortable sharing dresses that can't wash easily! 
As fall approached, I headed into the season of mini sessions. This year I had fall minis and Christmas minis! I was shocked at how many Christmas shoots I had this year but when there is no traveling taking photos to send home becomes that much more important! I can't believe how many wonderful people I got to meet this year! 
It's been a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what 2021 brings! (Hopefully a open California!) 
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